Jill Robinson - Founder - Animals Asia

Over the years, Peter Yuen has generously given his time and talent to Animals Asia and our rescued bears in what can only be described as professional artistry. His pictures are literally second to none and we have benefited more than I can say from both his kindness and eye for detail.

Peter somehow manages to take pictures that others rarely do - those that "speak" volumes of both the suffering of the bears on the farms, and the happiness and joy of freedom of those now living in peace at our sanctuaries in China and Vietnam. Peter is patient, tenacious, and extremely creative in obtaining the vision we require to show the plight of both caged and free bears, and we count ourselves incredibly lucky to be the recipients of his professional integrity and help.

Louise Rogerson  - Founder - EARS Asia

Peter is an incredible support and advisor for my work with elephants throughout South East Asia. We have worked together on research and rescue cases throughout Thailand, Cambodia, and Sumatra and documented numerous cruelty cases, remaining calm and inconspicuous in the most difficult situations with the utmost professionalism.

Having immediate access to his online library is invaluable for social media and international campaigns. Peter goes above and beyond not only for EARS, but for all his clients and he is highly respected in the wildlife conservation world.

What makes Peter so special is his dedication and commitment to the cause, his compassion, concern and deep understanding for animals and the organisations he works with. Peter is the only photographer I feel comfortable working with, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. 

Matt Hunt - CEO - Free the Bears

Peter stands out from the crowd because of his unique understanding of the complexities of wildlife rescue work - at times he can make himself almost invisible (and he is never demanding) and yet he still manages to capture everything from the most incredible angles, bringing the viewer on a journey that helps them understand what it feels like to be on a rescue. 

His dedication to providing first-class images to all sorts of organisations working with giant elephants to tiny pangolins serves as testimony to his passion for all creatures, and I truly believe that the animals are lucky to have Peter championing their cause.

Katherine Connor - Founder - BLES

Peter Yuen is without question the best wildlife photographer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His photos are effortlessly stunning and capture the true essence of what Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary - BLES stands for. His gentle nature and vast understanding of animal behaviour shines through his images.

The animals he photographs, warm to him. Peter is a professional, always respecting the individual animals needs. To put it very simply, Peter is a pleasure to work with! 

Monica Bando - Senior Vet Surgeon (former) - Animals Asia

As a veterinarian working in the midst of a rescue, situations can become challenging and stressful, but Peter always remains calm, focused, and highly aware and respectful of the situation and his surroundings. While some photographers can get in the way or even demand to interfere with procedures to accommodate a photograph, Peter’s presence was never demanding, if anything, it was the opposite.

Over the years, Peter donated his time and incredible talent to capture breathtaking images of bears being rescued from bile farms. Peter has always been a true pleasure to work with and I continue to admire his talent, integrity, passion and dedication. Peter has always been very humble about his photography yet his compassion for animals and passion for wildlife photography and for helping charities in particular, are clearly admirable.

Sally Tse - Founder - HK Homeless Dog Rescue

During our beginnings as a dog rescue organisation in Hong Kong, Peter helped us with our initial imagery and social media, and has continued to support us as we have grown.

Peter so obviously cares deeply for our rescues, and his photos not only help us raise donations and show the work that we do, but most importantly have helped us get dogs adopted and start their new life. That is priceless.

Sarah Blaine - Founder - Mahouts

Over the years we have worked with Peter on elephant rescues and on our project. When Peter is in the forest with our elephants he is calm and respectful as he takes the most beautiful images we have ever seen.

The mahouts and community respect him very much and never worry when he is close to the elephants. This is testament to his ability to work with the people who care for the animals that are the subject of his incredible art.

His photos always tell a story and we can see in them the unique trust our elephants have in him as they allow him to photograph them. He has a gift to tell a story in a single image and he carries this out with a deep compassion for the animals and charities he works with. We feel very lucky to work with such a talented and caring individual. Thank you Peter from us all at Mahouts Elephant Foundation.

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