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Helping Charities to Help Themselves

Even if I were to travel every week of the year I wouldn't be able to be there for all the amazing work they do. That's where this unique programme comes in. 

The Cameras for Critters programme provides wildlife rescue charities everything they need share their stories with the world, all year round, to get the support and donations they need.

C4C provides equipment, setup, capacity building of local staff through expert tuition, online backup library and ongoing support to these charities so that they can support themselves and achieve greater coverage and awareness of their work.

Through fundraising and sponsorship we can make C4C at no cost to the charities, to start getting the financial and awareness benefits straight away!

The ACRES team try all variety of food, techniques and equipment to help nurture their rescues. This fussy civet finally accepted milk from a syringe.<br />
<br />
All print proceeds go to ACRES for the wildlife rescue centre and their many animal welfare campaigns.<br />
 <a href="http://www.acres.org.sg">http://www.acres.org.sg</a>
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Join the Programme

If you are a charity that wants to benefit from Cameras for Critters, get in touch via the 'Contact' button at the top of this page.

You can also get in touch to sponsor your chosen charity to receive the C4C package (along with photo updates directly showing the impact of your support).

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The C4C Package

The package includes:

- Help with sponsorship or fundraising for the C4C package

- Equipment pack including camera and lens

- Expert training from Asia's most experienced wildlife rescue photographer

- Foolproof training materials for any language

- End-to-end walkthrough from the camera to posting online

- Online image library

- Ongoing help whenever it's needed

- The chance to feature online and in future exhibitions

Wildlife Alliance -  Oct 2015

The first C4C course was provided to Wildlife Alliance, where head keeper Sitheng was trained how to use camera and equipment, with other local staff joining in the training session as well!

Sitheng was always taking photos of the bears on his phone prior to C4C, and spending all his time with the animals he was the natural choice. Since the training he has been taking photos constantly in his free time, which WA have put to good use for their sponsors and social media. 

We spent a day practicing with the camera and with the animals, starting out with a rescued baby gibbon, a very difficult subject who was swinging around the trees!

By the end of the day Sitheng had it down pat, and couldn't wait to practice with his 'daughter' Lucky the elephant.

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Free the Bears - May 2016

Thanks to a donation of camera and lenses, I trained Vanny and Thol, two FTB staff in Cambodia how to use the cameras and get the best shots they need for their regular sponsor updates of the bears.

Both Vanny and Thol threw themselves into this new training, already getting some great shots of the bears like this one relaxing in a pool.

Free the Bears can now be much more self-sufficient in their online media needs, one step closer to getting all the sponsorships and donations the bears need.

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